Erica Brittain


I completed my 2 year study at the Centre for Arts and Technology in kelowna BC Septmeber 2013. I went back and attended school again for a Quarter in July 2014 to keep my skills up-to-date


Highly goal oriented. A creative professional seeking challenge in TV, film and game animation.



Animation TA, Center for Arts and Technology
Kelowna BC — January 2015 –

Motion Builder TA,Center for Arts and Technology
Kelowna, BC — January 2015-

Animation TA, Center for Arts and Technology
Kelowna BC — July 2014- December 2014

Worked as a teachers assistant for Shiu Cheung Li (3D Senior animator at The Walt Disney Company -DIMG-)
Worked hands on troubleshooting for students regarding all stages of animation.
Improved eye for detail when giving constructive criticism.
Attained useful tips and tricks from the instructor currently in the profession.

Motion Builder TA,Center for Arts and Technology
Kelowna, BC — October 2014

Worked with Wilson Leung (CATO instructor and mocap specialist). Assisted the teacher during the motion capture portion of the course. Covered characterizing a model, retargeting animation, animating within motion builder, etc.
kept students on task and up to speed. and assisted with troubleshooting issues.

Digital BootCamp TA,Center for Arts and Technology
Kelowna, BC — March 2014
Assisted in teaching UDK (Unreal Engine) level development to prospective students.


Center For Arts and Technology Kelowna Campus
Diploma in 3D game animation — 2011-2013, July-September 2014

Studied and obtained the necessary skills for animating in TV, film or video games over a course of 2 years. Taught by teachers still working within the industry with real world experience.

Autodesk Maya 2011-2014
Intermediate skill in Motion Builder.
Knowledge in Zbrush and Flash.
Organized, works well with structure and deadlines.
Efficient working as an individual or on a team.
Excellent software comprehension and retention skill.
Basic knowledge in Adobe After Effects.
Skilled in Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai.

Available upon request.

Work Experience Extended.

Previous work (Digital Art), Australia  2012-2013

Merchandise Designer
Designed: Pins, caps, mouse pads, T-shirts and bags for customers.

Sarah Goble Designs, Australia  2012-2013

Website Header Designer for:
Webpage Art Designer for:

Naomi Ruthless Cleaning, Washington BC December 2013- 2014
Company Logo Design